Meet Bellee LV


-Bellee LV previously known as Nabella Sd is a Online Entrepreneur Mentor & Personal Development Trainer Focusing on Empowerment for Women and is also a Harvard Business Expert Forum, Entrepreneurship Business School Club of Harvard University Speaker and Bestselling Author.

She has been featured in Straits Time,Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu and Interviewed in Oli 96.8FM and Ria 89.7FM Radio Station. Spoken at National University of Singapore, Tembusu College and Singapore Youth Conference 2018 organized by People Association Youth Management.

She has conducted Personal Development workshops for women's organisations such as Casa Raudha Women's Home and Daughters of Tomorrow Organisation, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), Singapore Women Prison among many others.

At 23-years old, she was a struggling single mom who was left with $10,000 in debt and a 3-month-old baby in hand. However, after graduating from an Entrepreneurship and Business Course, she cleared her debts in 2 months using Her 3M-Mindset,Marketing & Mentorship Strategy. Now, her passion is to train more ladies to be Entrepreneurs via her Mentorship Program and Training.

Now as a Mentor and Personal Development Trainer she has groomed many individuals from differing backgrounds to be more positive, healthy & wealthy and to achieve money and time freedom as a business and life coach.

Currently, she is leading a diverse group of entrepreneurs from Gen Y, Single Mums, housewives, working adults, business owners to help them to make alot of money online and aspire to be an Entrepreneurs create unlimited passive income so they can make more money while they sleep, spend more time with their loved ones, do the things they love with their free time.

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